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Vision 121

It all began from a vision that the Lord showed me about reaching the lost for Christ in Thailand.

In that vision, I saw Thai campus students, regardless of faith, coming together to do something for their own impoverished and marginalised communities. Simultaneously, I saw these said communities leaving a powerful Gospel impact on these Thai campus students. Lives were changed on both sides, witnessing the power of God’s love and salvation in the people they serve and love.

That’s why we use the abbreviation vision 121; the future top 1% of the nation (campus students) and the bottom 1% of the nation (impoverished communities) reaching each other.

vision 121

Those years in campus are some of the most important years of one’s life. It’s where our values system and morality mature and take root in our minds. We’re just so excited thinking about the opportunity to do life with campus students, value-add their lives, and rally them to serve their own people. Christian or not, everyone deserves a chance to see God at work in the lives of others.

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It’s very empowering to know that even as an impoverished community, God wants to use them powerfully to express His love to the younger generation, to the leaders of tomorrow. How they cling onto Jesus as their source of hope and joy is a rude awakening to the worldview of any young campus student. Where does this unshakable hope in such dire circumstances come from?

Our heart is for all of them, campus students and the marginalised communities, to encounter God and give their lives to Jesus. We want them to receive from God more than what they can give to each other!

Looking at what God showed me, it just made me feel very very small. What privilege it is for both of us, husband and wife, to have a hand in bringing about this vision? Are we going to face this alone or is God going to bring alongside us friends that share the same vision?

As Sheryl and I pray about these two spheres of work, God showed us that He wants us to focus on being a bridge. A bridge that will connect both people circles. And He showed us the idea of business as a vehicle for that connection.

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As of now, that’s as clear as things can be! We’re excited to see how God will pave the way. Most importantly, we do not want to run ahead of God. Maybe in a couple of years time, more details regarding 121 will be revealed to us. Till then, we’ll continue to pray and hear God’s voice.

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