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BDR Mission Trips in July 2024 Fundraising

Dear friends and leaders,

Update 21st June 11pm: We have since raised the full amount of 2,400 SGD and more. The extra amount we raise will go to any unexpected expenses in these trips and also fund our future mission trips in 2024. Thank you all so much for partnering with us and giving so generously!

Auntie Lina: 500 SGD
Mei Yan: 500 SGD
Ernest Choo: 2,000 SGD
Auntie Lina’s sister: 100 SGD
Auntie Lina’s friend: 300 SGD
Marc & Alvira: 500 SGD

Total: 3,900 SGD (As of 210624 11pm)

This 1st to 3rd July our 8-pax BDR team will take a 6 hour drive down to Mae Sot to minister to Burmese refugees at the border town. We are excited to bring the good news of the Gospel to our brothers and sisters who are going through a difficult season of displacement and hardship.

In this trip, we will be ministering to 300 children in a refugee school, teaching Thai language to the students, and equipping local villagers in basic hygiene and dengue prevention. Also, we will be doing local evangelism through home visits, praying for the sick, and providing a listening ear. We thank God for the two churches that invited us to serve, and we hope to spend some time encouraging the local church leaders as well.

From 22th to 24th June, we are visiting one of our staff’s home at Chiang Dao. We will be sharing testimonies, leading children programs, and doing home visits at his village, which is a 2 hour drive away from Chiang Mai city into the mountains. His parents are pastors that minister to the Shan people in their village, and we are excited to partner his parents in ministering to the villagers.

We also want to visit our staff’s parents’ mushroom farm to learn how to grow mushrooms commercially. We hope that through this time, we can build good relationship with our staff’s parents and also learn something that we can apply to our mushroom farm in our ministry center.

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The Shan church that we will be serving with at Chiang Dao

From 29th July to 2nd August, Sheryl and myself will be heading down to Ubon Ratchathani (1,000km southeast of Chiang Mai) to serve with a YWAM Discipleship Training School. In this week we will be translating the week’s teaching from Thai to English (The topic is “Cost of Discipleship). We are looking forward to serve with the broader YWAM Thailand family, and investing into the lives of the students in this school!

Excited to be translating for P’ Eve, who will be teaching on the topic of “Cost of Discipleship”.

Our Faith Target

We would like to ask you to consider supporting our trips financially, to make these trips possible! We are trusting God for the funds and raising money as a team. In total we are raising 1,700 SGD for the Mae Sot trip, 300 SGD for the Chiang Dao trip, and 400 SGD for the Ubon Ratchathani trip. here’s the budget breakdown:


Petrol: 3,000 Baht
Food for 8 pax for 8 meals: 3,200 Baht
Accommodation for 2 nights: 7,900 baht
Snacks for kids program: 2,500 baht
Gifts for home visit: 2,000 baht
Mosquito Net for 83 families: 9.000 Baht
Build 3 Toilets: 18,000 Baht

Total: 45,600 baht = 1,700 SGD

Chiang Dao:

Petrol: 2,000 Baht
Food for 7 pax for 8 meals: 2,000 Baht
Gifts for home visit: 600 baht
Snacks for kids program: 400 baht
Welcome Meal: 1,400 baht
Thank you gift for parents: 600 Baht
Local Sightseeing: 1,000 Baht

Total: 8,000 baht = 300 SGD

Ubon Ratchathani:

Flight for 2 pax: 9,500 Baht
Transport for 1 week: 1,000 Baht

Total: 10,500 Baht = 400 SGD

Thank you for considering and every amount is helpful! We hope that you can partner us in mobilizing Thais for missions, and for reaching Thais and Burmese for Christ. We cannot do this alone and we ask for the body of Christ to join us!

Ways To Give

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Thank you for giving! Please do send us a message to let us know of your gift.

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