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Social Enterprise Update #1: Establishing Kingdom Culture

Since we sent our first update about our Web and Graphic Design Social Enterprise vision on the 4th of July, so many of our friends have responded to give financially to make this vision happen. True enough, God is the faithful provider and visionary, and we have the privilege to witness Him kick-start this social enterprise!

We saw the vision and we followed. We rented a small office and trusted God to do beautiful things with it. Here are some of the photos of the office when everything first started.

After a month of building up the team and furnishing the office, finally, we have a fully operational and cozy office!

Get To Know Our Team

Two of our team members are the boys that we have been doing web and graphic design training with at the children’s home in Chiang Mai since a year ago. They are now university students and inching towards independence. We are so glad that we can hire them and continue to journey with them.

The other 2 ladies are both fresh graduates whom we are so happy to hire! Even though we do have non-Christian staff, we feel that God is leading us to intentionally build kingdom culture here in our office. We see how God helps us to create opportunities for spiritual conversations and to model His love. It’s indeed our privilege to lead these 4, to see them grow in the Lord, and mature in a workplace environment.

Looking Back At God’s Faithfulness

In May 2019, Sheryl and I felt the Lord impressing upon us Vision 121. We saw God using us as a bridge to connect the future top 1% of Thai society, to the bottom 1% of Thai society. We saw campus students, both Christians and non-Christians, coming together to serve the poor and needy. In that vision, the poor and needy had such a profound impact on the top 1% as well. Additionally, we saw this happening through the vehicle of business.

Looking back at what God had shown us then, and how we obeyed His calling step by step, we see His hand moving in our lives. Right now, as we start on this journey with our social enterprise team, we know that God wants us to remember Vision 121.

Being also the leaders of Baan Dem Rak, a local community centre situated in the red light district, we are excited because it seems like Vision 121 is not far away. In a span of 3 years, through a series of events, God led us to this point. Without even knowing, we are stepping closer to Vision 121.

God’s Provision in Finances

We’ve raised 23,380 SGD out of 30,000 SGD to fund our first year of operations! We are also thankful for brothers and sisters who have recommended our web and graphic design services to their friends and led us to quite a few new projects. God is exceedingly good and abundant in grace! We believe that this seed fund that we are raising will help us in building a business that is sustainable and profitable, giving us the capacity to channel our profits to all our ministry expressions in Thailand.

Here are some of the ways that you can support us:

  1. Consider giving financially to our seed fund. We are still short of 6,620 SGD from our faith target.
  2. Recommend us to your friends and colleagues who are looking for graphic and web design services.
  3. Connect us to people that you know who would be interested to give to our social enterprise.
  4. Pray for God’s presence and anointing in our team, to grow and become God’s salt and light in the marketplace.

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Sheryl n Jason, I just found out we have a mutual friend – Chloe! Her dad Bertie and I are old friends. Our kids grew up together since they were born. ☺️ I gave Bertie the Behold devo bk yesterday (I love your reflection) n he saw your name. He gave me your newsletter link. Praise the Lord for His grace!

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