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Miracles – Goh into the Nations! December 2023

Dear friends and family,

Miracles happen in and around us every day but we sometimes lose sight of it. But we see how the Lord always shows up in ways big and small. This month, we share about the amazing miracles we have experienced. Be blessed!

Ministering to Displaced People

In Nov, together with our Thai staff team, we travelled to one of the border towns to serve the displaced people living there. We are so proud of how our Thai staff gave their heart to serve and love cross-culturally as we ran a children’s program for 160 kids with games, gospel songs, and bible stories. Our Thai staff never thought that they could run a children’s programme in English as they’re not used to speaking it, so this was a miracle for them. We saw the children enjoying the time as they learned about sharing God’s love with others.

We also visited some homes with the local pastor. As we listened to their stories, we found out that some of them had never heard of Jesus. We took the opportunity to share and saw 4 people receiving Christ into their lives!

We also visited a small village of people who moved across the border into Thailand. When they first came, the local church gave them a land area to sleep on, with only a canvas over their head. Now, they have small huts made of leaves and branches. The people made the best of what they had to live in peace. They fled from a place of bombing just three months ago, and we saw how they found great joy in knowing that they are safe, for now.

Community Centre Christmas Party 2023

Once again, a mission team from our home church, RiverLife Church, came to support our local team in our annual community centre Christmas party. We are so grateful for the RiverLife team how it was all hands on deck as we laboured together to lift Jesus high this Christmas season. In faith, the team went out on community walks to visit our neighbours and invited them to the party. We listened to their stories and prayed for the sick. One auntie we visited had her hearing miraculously restored by God – she was deaf for many years!

After a 6 month hiatus, it was so encouraging to see the community back together again to celebrate Christmas. Last year we had 80 participants, and this year we hosted 140. Halfway through the party, it started to rain. We had no wet weather plan as it was not supposed to rain in the winter season. We rallied all volunteers and staff to start interceding, but the sky got darker and the rain got heavier. The organising team decided to do something radical: we paused the party and rallied the non-believer crowd to stand with us and pray together. Just as we roared “amen”, the rain stopped immediately. It was such a powerful move of God! Even the soundmen from the events company we hired were dumbfounded as they removed their black protective bags from the equipment.

The party resumed with beautiful performances and testimonies. When the invitation was made, 10 adults and 30 kids came to the front to receive Christ into their lives. It was a beautiful moment as the RiverLife team and our YWAM elders prayed over each individual and led them in the salvation prayer. It was an unforgettable Christmas for us all!

Community Centre Renovation Project

The community centre has been renting and using a really old house which is estimated to be around 30 years old. As we serve more and more kids and their families (around 40 to 50 families), we realize that the space is not sufficient. Many parts of the house and yard have also become rundown and unsafe. Hence, we embarked on a renovation project that is estimated to cost about 300,000 baht. There are 2 phases, exterior and interior. Phase 1 is now complete as we got ready for the community Christmas outreach event that happened on 10 December.

People from our neighborhood were delighted to come into a space that was clean and spacious. From seating about 40 people, we could seat more than 100 people during the event! The kids are also happy to now have a full-sized badminton court to play in. We have a vision for the community center to be a more welcoming space and continue being that safe place for the community to experience Jesus’ love. Would you make this a reality with us by giving financially? Contact us if you’d like to give!

JSCO Transition for 2024

Next year, the JSCO team will be taking up more responsibilities and running the day-to-day operations of our web design services. This will allow Jason to take on a more management and business development role. We are also trusting God to develop a robust web development course in Thai language and market it to the local universities and schools. This will be our platform to reach out to even more campus students. As we lead JSCO in this direction with faith, we trust God that He will equip us and bring us people who can mentor and guide us through this transition.

JSCO has been in operation for more than 2 years, and through this time team has grown stronger, with a clearer vision to create opportunities and build people. Not only are they sharpening their marketplace skills, but they also invest their time and heart into ministry work. In 2024, we are committed to raising funds for 10 Thai Christian ministries that need our web design services. We believe that our services can help them raise awareness of their work on an international level.

How To Partner Us?

  1. Recommend JSCO to your friends who are looking for web design services. Here’s our website for Singaporean clients:
  2. Prayerfully consider giving to our community centre renovation project and JSCO sponsorship for Thai Christian ministries
  3. Pray for the follow-up of all 40 people who responded to the Gospel during our Christmas party
  4. Pray for our ministry with displaced people, that God will give us wisdom and guidance in building long-term partnerships

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