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Tom Yum Wings Tutorial

Thank you for reading the fine print and following the link we provided! We’re guessing that you can’t wait to make some world-changing finger-licking Tom Yum Chicken Wings, but you need some pro tips, so fret not! We are here to help.

1: Chop the garlic, chilli padi and lime

Jason and Tom Yum Wings
It’s really not easy to chop these small things… A painful test of patience and meticulousness.

2: Place the chicken wings in a Tupperware and throw all the ingredients in

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Massage the ingredients evenly into the chicken wings without losing your ring in it!

3: Refrigerate the Tom Yum marinated chicken wings for more than an hour

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Pro Tip: Before you comb your wake-up hair, marinate the chicken in the morning for better taste.

4. Cook the marinated chicken with your preferred method

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Pro Tip: If you are using the baking method, remember to preheat your oven to 220 degrees celcius before starting to cook.
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Pro Tip: Get an Airfryer if you want speedy meals.

5. Tom Yam Wings End Result!


Pro Tip: To find out if the chicken is fully cooked, pierce the chicken with a chopstick. If you can pierce the chicken and remove the chopstick easily, it’s cooked. Or press down the chicken slightly with your frying spatula. The juices should be clear and not reddish.
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Pro Tip: To get the most out of your lime, cut it according to the picture above. This would maximise the amount of juice you can squeeze out of the lime. Thai-certified.

And that’s all the pro tips we have for this snack! We sincerely hope that this tutorial helped you greatly in your conquest of the Tom Yum Wings. May our favourite Thai snack bless you and your family over the dining table. If you do try this recipe, please send us some pictures – we would love to see your wings!

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