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Stock-taking: DTS 2018/19 Chiang Mai and beyond

DTS was a very special time that I had with the Lord. Through the 5 months in school, I grew in my adoration of God and intimacy with Him. I like how I can read through my own blog to see how I grew and learnt. Outreach and community living were very good platforms for me to internalise what I learnt and let God’s truth take root in my heart.

During DTS, I often told myself to focus on the discipleship journey and not be too distracted with language learning and fretting about next steps. As I came to the end of the school, I started to pray about what’s going to happen after graduation. God responded by giving me some guidance over our future plans.

The first thing that I went to the Lord for was His affirmation. I need his affirmation of who I am and that I am in the right place he has for me. These are things that I often go to Him for. Just a few days before returning to Singapore, God reminded me of my calling verse and the phrase that God used to speak dearly to me on 1st Jan 2018.

“I have called you by name.”

My calling verse was Isaiah 43:1-3. The Lord supernaturally brought this verse to my heart again through a song.

We have been singing this song for our children’s programme during our DTS outreach in Siem Reap, but I’ve absolutely never heard it in the way the Lord wanted me to. As I listened to it on youtube again, the Lord ministered to my heart with the pre-chorus that goes like this:

“You called me by name, I see your face, I’m never never never gonna be the same”.

In my heart, I knew that the Lord just poured His love and His affirmation over me once again. He called me by name into existence, into a journey, and into obedience!

The second thing that I sought the Lord for was His direction. I did not want to run ahead of God to plan and dictate how I am to serve Him. As I brought my anxiousness and uncertainties to Him, I felt the Lord was telling me, “Look out for open doors.” He was giving us some checkpoints to follow as we thread through the myriad of choices and timing. Sheryl and I decided to take bold steps of faith to go ahead with our plans to serve Him in Thailand and to walk through the open doors one by one. In His good time, God will open the doors for us, and we will just follow.

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At where we are right now, there are some doors that we are trusting God to open.

1. House issues in Singapore
We need to make some arrangements regarding our house in Singapore and to have it in good hands as we serve in Thailand.

2. Visa application
As we are going for a longer time, we will need another type of visa. It’s going to be a new experience of applying for our needed documents!

3. Support raising
We have done up our budget and we are hoping to complete support raising by May before we leave for Chiang Mai.

These are the major doors that we are using as signposts for God’s leading in our timing and direction.

We are currently still at the first door. As time goes by, we trust that the Lord will continue to guide us and change our course as needed. He is a loving God and will always have our best in mind.

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