New Directions – Goh into the Nations! February 2020

New Directions – Goh into the Nations! February 2020

Dear friends and family,

We’ll like to start off by honouring the healthcare professionals in Singapore who have been selflessly giving care to Covid-19 patients during this crisis. To everyone who played a part in fighting this battle against Covid-19 in Singapore, thank you for keeping our country safe!

First patient to be diagnosed with Covid-19 in Singapore discharged! Photo: LianHe ZaoBao

For us here in Chiang Mai, we’ve been manoeuvring through a season of prayer and new beginnings. After DTS ended in mid-January, we entered a season of rest. This time has been a focused time of reflection and seeking God for our next steps. In this newsletter, we will introduce some of the ministries that we will be focusing on.

Buying a drink to get free parking on Valentine’s Day!

Mercy Ministry

Science experiment with the kids for them to learn about buoyancy!

YWAM has a mercy ministry that works with victims of sexual exploitation and their families. The ministry also does preventive work in the at-risk neighbourhood where issues of broken families, drugs and prostitution are rife. We’ve been witnessing the good work they are doing and we felt led to serve alongside them. This month, we started serving with their community center, which aims to be a safe place for both children and adults in this messy neighbourhood. We teach English and help with some administration at the centre.

YWAM Chiang Mai Base

Such an awesome team! We have 5 nationalities here, want to make a guess what are those?

We are excited to be part of a big YWAM team that is pioneering a base in Chiang Mai. This base will serve to house and facilitate some of the ministries under YWAM Chiang Mai all in one place. The heart of it is to create a discipleship environment that can bring the elements of training, evangelism, and mercy ministries all together. We are still praying into many of the details so please pray with us! Also, we are glad to be serving with many senior YWAMers who are so experienced and wise. We’ve got lots to learn from them!

Thai Language Studies…!

A photo with our cute Thai teacher in School! He’s a very entertaining teacher to learn from.
Sheryl’s translating for our pastor in church!

We’re not done with language! Even though we can hold decent conversations and do translation work, we know that we have to put in much more effort so that we can effectively communicate and minister here. Studying language is still going to take up quite a substantial amount of our time here for the upcoming year.

What else is happening?

Firstly, we’re really looking forward to be back in Singapore for 2 weeks in March next month! Riverlife Church, our home church, graciously allowed us to stay at their multi-purpose property right beside the church building. No excuses to be late for service on Sunday!! We are so thankful to receive this news after weeks of prayer for a place to stay.

In the upcoming months from April to June, we will be raising financial support for the upcoming year (June 2020 – May 2021). We’re trusting God to raise the full amount that we need so that we can fully focus on ministry for the rest of the year.

How can you pray with us?

  1. Please pray for us as we travel to Singapore and back to Thailand. Due to the virus situation, we are preparing for the worst case scenario, which is that Thailand would bar all Singaporean travellers. That might mean that we wouldn’t be able to travel back to Thailand after 2 weeks in Singapore. We will proceed with the trip, so please keep us in your prayers.
  2. Pray that we will have a fruitful and blessed 2 weeks back home, reconnecting with family and friends.
  3. Pray for the haze situation in Chiang Mai to be alleviated (AQI reading is at 150 – 200 since the beginning of February. Some news reports say the AQI reading here is topping the world charts).

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