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Homecoming – Goh Family Updates Jan 2019

Happy new year our beloved friends!

During the last few weeks of our DTS (Discipleship Training School) outreach, we traveled quite abit around Thailand. It’s been a busy yet fulfilling January. We had 2 good weeks of ministry with YWAM Ratchaburi, before we headed back for Bangkok for debrief, and after that we will take the train back to Chiang Mai for one last week of school before we graduate from DTS.

Amidst all the traveling, serving, and learning, God has been ministering to our hearts. As an overview of the time in Ratchaburi, we went into schools to conduct English lessons, went live on radio to share our testimonies and journey in DTS, served in a juvenile centre, and conducted a few kids programs.
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Of all the various ministry exposures, the one at the juvenile centre impacted us the most. One thing that Sheryl was impacted by is how YWAM Ratchaburi has been able to work with and influence a few key areas of society, namely in education, government, and media. While we did our best to conduct quality English lessons in a primary school and a juvenile detention centre, Sheryl was caught by surprise when we could close our sessions in prayer for the children and youths we taught! In Singapore where religion and state are strictly separate, it was new to be allowed to be openly Christian in government institutions in Ratchaburi. Our hosts shared with us that the key is to be honest with our Christian identity and purpose in doing the work, and be credible in doing what we say we will do. These build strong relationships and opens the door for ministry.
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Having concluded our lecture and outreach phases, we are very close to ending our DTS. We testify to God’s goodness and love throughout this 5 months journey, and we really want to thank each and everyone of you who had prayed with us, and gave financially to us to make this 5 months possible. As we come to the end of our DTS, we are thankful for many friends who are concerned and excited about what is coming next for us. So, we compiled a list of questions and answers so that you can be in the loop of how the Lord is leading us!

When are you coming back to Singapore?
14th Feb 2019. flight 3K536 Jetstar, Terminal 1 7.10pm.

What are your next plans?
We are planning to be back in SG for a few months to catch up with family, friends, and church, as well as arrange for the rental of our flat. Also, to settle other administrative matters that needs to be attended to. As long as the doors remain open, we hope to return to serve in Thailand. In our next newsletter update in end-February 2019, we would share more about the nature of the work that we hope to be part of.

Let’s catch up soon?
Of course, we would love to! Lunch hours are fine also. Let us know if you’re keen to have a meal together ?. We miss our SG friends and food!

How can we continue to support you even after DTS is over?
The best way to support is to continue praying for us and reading our updates. We couldn’t have come this far if without the grace of God! For our friends who have been giving financially, we are very blessed by your heart to invest in our journey with the Lord. In our next newsletter, we will give more details about how things will be like for us for the next 1 year, as well as our financial needs to carry on this faith journey.

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But, how to pray for you all lah!
Please pray for our re-entry, pray for our emotional and spiritual journey as we transit out of DTS and into Singapore. Through communal living, we’ve built deep and meaningful relationships with our classmates, and separation will be tough. Please pray for us that we will transit meaningfully and gracefully.

Also, pray for us as we seek the Lord for greater clarity in our immediate next steps. The vision is clear, but we desire His spirit to be a lamp to our feet.

Thanks guys for sticking through with us, we are done with this update! Looking forward to write our next one, till then, cya!

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