Digital Skills Training Center

Digital Skills Training Center

When I taught my first batch of boys how to build websites, I never thought that I would hire them. Now that they have joined my team to serve together, we are training the next batch of boys. I’m proud of how they are multiplying what I taught them.

More than just web design and graphic design skills, I saw my boys pray together with their students, just like how I did with them.

There’s no complicated ministry model. No discipleship booklets to follow. We simply love, pray, and share.

And it is simply God moving as we obey.

Learn, Work, Teach

These youths take about 1 year to learn basic web and graphic design skills.

After that, they are given work opportunities to use their skills and serve real clients.

Then, they are commissioned to pass on what they learnt, and make 3 digital skills disciples.

Learn, Work, Teach.

They learn Christian work ethics, Christian truths and lifestyle, and develop their relationship with God.

After that, they are given the workplace environment to live out what they learnt.

Then, they are commissioned to share their faith, and make 3 Jesus-loving disciples.

Not so different, yea?

In the end, Web Design and Graphic Design are but skillsets. These skillsets provide the platform for discipleship to be modeled and to flourish.

The Great Commission

Banah Digital Team

As my first batch of boys prepare their training sessions, I see the sparkle in their eyes. They are amazed that they have something valuable to offer in a practical way. They are empowered in knowing that they can give like how they received.

One of the boys came to me and said, “I feel very thankful and excited that I can give. I have been receiving all my life and now I have something that can be a blessing to others.”

Business as Missions

Banah Digital Training
One of our staff training session

We are thankful that through our business we can provide job opportunities. As a small web and graphic design agency, we rely on projects for income. Since we started our business, God has been very faithful in providing the projects. Still, we are trusting God for opportunities to work with more established companies.

As more of our youths join our team, we will need more projects, and more project managers to guide them. We are praying to raise up a few project managers from our earliest batch of youths, once they have graduated from university.

Then What?

WhatsApp Image 2022 08 23 at 10.36.17 AM
Our first round of web design courses in 2020

We hope that these youths would be sharpened in their faith and their marketplace skillsets, so that they can influence culture in the next jobs that they go to.

We want to see an influx of Christian workers in the tech industry, impacting and influencing it for Christ.

Thailand has been strongly advocating for the development of the digital economy, and is welcoming tech companies and expats to come and work. This is our opportunity.

It’s not only the rich and the well-connected that has access to tech skillsets and job experience. We trust God to tip the scale, and to raise tech workers from the least expected strata of society; those who have absolutely no opportunity and resources.

Even more so, we want to see these Christian tech professionals catalyzing change in their own communities. Not only will they have the financial means, but also the solutions to many problems faced in their own community.

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

Psalms 127:1

It is our hope that we cling on to God and His promises as we go on this journey of discovery and obedience. We acknowledge that God has His perfect plans and we are only getting a better glimpse of it as the days go by. We hope that as we look back in 10 years time, we can count our blessings to it’s greatest measure.

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